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Chief Judge John Lowry reiterated the ongoing necessity of the Court’s public health precautions, and consistent with Administrative Order 2021-15, urged all attorneys and court patrons to use available online services and virtual court hearing options as permitted in their individual cases. Virtual attendance is generally permissible for attorneys and litigants for most court hearings unless a judge has specifically instructed an attorney or party to attend a proceeding in person.   Represented litigants should check with their attorney for direction on whether their presence is needed in person for particular court hearings. Visit the Court’s website at for more information about participating in virtual court proceedings.

“The Court is carefully monitoring its operations in light of the surge in Covid-19 cases caused by the omicron variant,” said Chief Judge Lowry. “We have invested in the necessary technology to offer virtual court options in all of our courtrooms, and as warranted, can easily transition to place greater reliance on virtual court hearings in response to this ongoing pandemic. I strongly urge attorneys and litigants to attend court hearings virtually whenever permissible and possible. This supports public health objectives by reducing the potential for Covid-19 case transmission in our community.”

All persons are required to wear a mask or face covering within public areas of all court facilities. Masks are to be well fit and worn properly covering both the mouth and nose. If visiting any court facility, please remember to bring a mask or face covering with you.

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