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Circuit Court of Illinois

Seventeenth Judicial Circuit

The following rules are adopted as rules of practice of the
Circuit Court, Seventeenth Judicial Circuit, State of Illinois.

Adoption and Use of These Rules
Judicial Administration
Court Calendar
Assignment of Cases
Cases Under Advisement
Method of Scheduling Non-Matrimonial Cases
Written Orders and Judgments (Civil)
Appearance and Default (Civil)
Hearing On Motions (Civil)
Proceedings Before Trial (Civil)
Trial (Civil)
Matrimonial Proceedings
Impound of Documents
Removal of Files
Control of Evidence
Dismissal of Charges (Criminal)
Professional Conduct

These rules are provided in an electronic form for your convenience only. This electronic version does not supersede the printed version. Converting printed materials to an electronic format can introduce errors. Please use the official printed version for any and all legal work. The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit accepts no liability for discrepancies between this version and the official printed version.

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