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Debbie Jarvis Appointed to ILSC Probation Policy Advisory Board
17th Circuit Court Remains Open, Pauses Jury Trials
First COVID-19 Case Reported at Winnebago County Juvenile Detention Center
17th Circuit Plans June 1st Reopening
Court Extends Reduced Operations
Reduced Court Operations Continue
Winnebago County Court Offering Online Option For Emergency Protection Orders
Court Formalizes Activity Reduction Measures Through April 20, 2020
Court Pauses Civil and Family Cases, Plans to Reduce Criminal and Juvenile Cases
Court Remains Open, Takes Precautions
Judge Clifford Selected as Chair of the 17th Circuit FVCC
Judicial and Courtroom Reassignments Effective 9/9/2019
Attorney Ryan A. Swift Selected as New Associate Judge
NCSC Completes Efficiency Study of the Winnebago County Circuit Court
Retirement of Associate Judge K. Patrick Yarbrough
All Fifteen Associate Judges Retained in the 17th Circuit
17th Circuit Selects John T. Gibbons as New Associate Judge
17th Circuit Selects Jennifer J. Clifford as New Associate Judge
Court Receives Grant for Efficiency Study
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