Boone County: General Order 18

18.01 Boone County - Judicial Assignments

18.01 Boone County - Judicial Assignments

  1. Judges C. Robert Tobin, John H. Young, and Ronald A. Barch are assigned full-time to Boone County. Judges Janet R. Holmgren and Stephen E. Balogh are assigned part-time to Boone County.
  2. Criminal case matters shall be subject to the following procedures:
    1. Upon case filing, new felony cases shall be assigned to Judge C. Robert Tobin. Upon case filing, new misdemeanor matters unassociated with any felony matter will be assigned to Judge John H. Young.
    2. Felony cases shall be considered placed on the trial call of the trial judge at the defendant’s first court appearance with counsel following presentment;
    3. A date for the next hearing will always be set each time a matter is before the court, unless an active warrant has been issued for the defendant named on the case; and
    4. All jury weeks shall be posted and available on the 17th Circuit’s website.

In addition to the above assignments, the chief judge may also assign any circuit or associate judge to any individual case or call as the chief judge deems appropriate.

Revised: 06/10/2020

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