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In order to facilitate court activities the judges of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois may host court proceedings in a Virtual Courtroom.

If your case is scheduled as "In-Person" then you should not appear in the Virtual Courtroom. Only parties to the case should attempt to join the Virtual Courtroom. Click on the courtroom your case is scheduled in to join.


Winnebago County Virtual Courtrooms:

Courtroom 125

Courtroom 209 - Judge Lowry

Courtroom 216 - Judge Ramlow

Courtroom 311 - Judge Balogh / Judge Bruscato / Judge Ramlow

Courtroom 314- Judge Shriver

Courtroom 315- Judge Gibbons

Courtroom 316 - Judge White

Courtroom 317 - Judge Schafer

Courtroom 412 - Judge Fabiano

Courtroom 426 - Judge Doherty

Courtroom 451 - Judge Gulley

Courtroom 455 - Judge Bruscato

Courtroom 459 - Judge Nordquist

Courtroom 467 - Judge Clifford

Courtroom 478 - Judge Wilt

Courtroom A - Judge McGraw

Courtroom B - Rotating

Courtroom C - Judge Nicolosi

Courtroom D - Judge Maher



Boone County Virtual Courtrooms:

Courtroom 1 - Judge Tobin 

Courtroom 2- Judge Swift

Courtroom 3 - Judge Barch Courtroom 4- Rotating




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