Winneabgo County Judge Tests Positive for Covid-19

 On July 6, 2020, Chief Judge Eugene Doherty of the 17th Judicial Circuit received confirmation that a judge sitting in Winnebago County had tested positive for COVID-19.  The judge in question was on the bench in Courtroom 315 of the Winnebago County Courthouse June 29-July 2; he also presided in Bond Court on Tuesday, June 30, in Courtroom B of the Winnebago County Criminal Justice Center.  The last day the judge presided in open court was Thursday, July 2.  

After learning of the positive test result, the Court consulted with the Winnebago County Health Department for instructions on steps to be taken.  The Court issued notifications of the situation to offices and individuals based on exposure risk.  Individuals in closer contact with the affected judge are self-quarantining and will seek testing based on guidance from the Health Department. 

All spaces that the affected judge occupied are receiving a deep cleaning.  The 17th Judicial Circuit continues to follow all CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Winnebago County Health Department guidelines. The Court also continues to enforce mask wearing and social distancing when in the building.  Chief Judge Doherty stated that “situations of this nature are, unfortunately, impossible to prevent, but the Circuit is taking all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of employees, attorneys, the public, and all others within our buildings.” 


PDF of Press Release