Reduced Court Operations Continue

To deal with concerns about the coronavirus, the 17th Circuit Court has extended its period of reduced operations until May 18, 2020, when it hopes to be able to resume normal operations.  The Court’s reduced operations eliminate all court proceedings, though the following matters are still being undertaken:


•   Filings may still be made with the Circuit Clerk, either online or in person.

•   Emergency orders of protection will still be received in the Clerk’s office or via an online portal at and be heard.

•   The Court will continue to hear matters which it deems essential and time sensitive.

•   All jury trials and bench trials are continued to no sooner than May 18, 2020. Hearings on orders of protection may be heard if the judge determines that the matter is urgent and time-sensitive.

•   Time-sensitive juvenile court matters will still be heard.

•   Emergency matters of a time-sensitive nature can still be heard.

•   Criminal court volume is significantly reduced.

•   The Court is open to hearing more matters via videoconference and telephone, and has already begun doing so.


Chief Judge Eugene Doherty said that the Court’s reduced activity is difficult, but necessary.  “Much of our focus has been on efficiency and timeliness, and it is not easy to give those objectives a lower priority.  However, we know that doing so is essential to public health.”                                                                      


PDF of Press Release