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The mission of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court is to serve the public
by providing access to a fair and efficient system of justice in accordance with the law that fosters public trust and confidence.
Winnebago County Courthouse
400 W. State Street
Rockford, IL 61101
Winnebago County Criminal Justice Center
650 W. State Street
Rockford, IL 61102
 Winnebago County Juvenile Justice Center
211 S. Court Street
Rockford, IL 61101
Boone County Courthouse
601 N. Main Street
Belvidere, IL 61008

The Statement of Professional Aspirations for the Legal Profession in the 17th Judicial Circuit

  Information Guide: 

 When and where is my next court date?  Are court forms available online? How do I participate in a Virtual Court Proceeding?
 Where can I find help for a legal problem?  What are my duties as a  juror?  How are marriage and civil union ceremonies performed?
All Fifteen Associate Judges Retained in the 17th Circuit Print E-mail

Chief Judge Eugene G. Doherty is pleased to announce that all fifteen Associate Judges within the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court have been certified by the Illinois Supreme Court as officially retained pursuant to quadrennial election results.

The terms of all Illinois Associate Judges expire on June 30th of every fourth year. Associate Judges are required to submit requests for reappointment by the Circuit Judges. An Associate Judge must receive at least a three-fifths vote of the Circuit Judges within their circuit in order to be retained to a new four-year term of office.

The following Associate Judges will continue to serve for a new four-year term of office beginning on July 1, 2019:

Hon. Stephen E. Balogh

Hon. Ronald A. Barch

Hon. Joseph J. Bruce

Hon. Jennifer J. Clifford

Hon. John T. Gibbons 

Hon. Mary Linn Green

Hon. Donna R. Honzel

Hon. Francis M. Martinez

Hon. Philip J. Nicolosi

Hon. Steven L. Nordquist

Hon. Debra D. Schafer

Hon. Donald P. Shriver

Hon. Randy Wilt

Hon. K. Patrick Yarbrough

Hon. John H. Young

 “We have an exceptional group of men and women serving as associate judges in our circuit,” Chief Judge Doherty said.  “Individually, they are insightful and hard-working judges; as a group, they work together to ensure that the Circuit’s workload is handled efficiently.  We are lucky to have them.”


PDF of Press Release

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Frontpage Directory

Winnebago County
  • Circuit Clerk                (815) 319-4500
  • Sheriff's Department (815) 319-6000
  • State's Attorney           (815) 319-4700
  • Public Defender           (815) 319-4900
  • Adult Probation           (815) 319-6250
  • Juvenile Probation      (815) 516-2700
  • Arbitration Center        (815) 987-7739
  • Jury Commission       (815) 319-4880
Boone County
  • Circuit Clerk                   (815) 544-0371
  • Sheriff's Department   (815) 544-9322
  • State's Attorney             (815) 544-0868
  • Public Defender            (815) 547-5400
  • Probation Department (815) 544-9806
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