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Winnebago County will transition to efileIL for all Civil Filings effective August 30, 2018.

The current FCE E-filing portal used by attorneys will no longer be available on August 29th at 5:00 pm.   All users will be required to efile in civil cases from an approved provider.  Service providers may be found at 

August 21, 2018 Press Release from Winnebago County Circuit Clerk Thomas A. Klein 

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Judicial Directory Print E-mail

Circuit Judges

Hon. Eugene G. Doherty, Chief Judge

Hon. Rosemary Collins

Hon. Lisa R. Fabiano

Hon. Gwyn Gulley

Hon. Janet R. Holmgren

Hon. Brendan A. Maher

Hon. Joseph G. McGraw

Hon. J. Edward Prochaska

Hon. C. Robert Tobin III, Presiding Judge of Boone County

Hon. Ronald J. White

Hon. Kathryn E. Zenoff, Assigned to the Second District Appellate Court

Associate Judges

Hon. Brian Dean Shore, Administrative Associate Judge

Hon. Stephen E. Balogh

Hon. Ronald A. Barch

Hon. Joseph J. Bruce

Hon. Mary Linn Green 

Hon. Donna R. Honzel

Hon. John S. Lowry

Hon. Francis M. Martinez

Hon. Philip J. Nicolosi, Boone County

Hon. Steven L. Nordquist

Hon. Debra D. Schafer 

Hon. Donald P. Shriver  

Hon. Randy Wilt

Hon. K. Patrick Yarbrough

Hon. John H. Young, Boone County

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