Problem-Solving Courts Division: General Order No. 5

5.01 Problem-Solving Courts Assignments
5.02 Case Management Plans
5.03 Reserved

5.01 Problem-Solving Courts Assignments

    1. The Problem-Solving Courts Division shall hear all cases concerning the following matters:
      1. Mental Health
      2. Adult Drug Court
      3. Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP Court)
      4. Family Drug Court
      5. Youth Recovery Court
      6. Veterans Court
    2. Judges Assigned to the Division:
      1. Judges Janet R. Holmgren, Stephen E. Balogh and Francis M. Martinez are assigned part-time to the Problem-Solving Courts Division.

In addition to the above assignments, the Chief Judge may also assign any Judge to any individual case or call as the Chief Judge deems appropriate.

Revised 09/29/2014

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5.02 Case Management Plans

Court Services case management plans shall be shared with Problem-Solving Court teams consistent with the Illinois Supreme Court Problem-Solving Courts Standards.

(Enacted 12/19/2019)

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5.03 Reserved

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